Our heart is our family. God has richly blessed us with two wonderful sons, Todd and Benjamin, and two beautiful daughters-in-law, Xio and Blanca. Our five grandchildren make "Grandpa and Gramma's" heart sing every single day and are precious in every way!

Todd and Xio are pastoring Ignite Church in Williston, VT. This was formerly Maranatha Christian Church, and the church that Bishop Rick and Dr. Phyllis pastored for 27 years before moving to Florida. Ignite is growing and reaching out to this generation of young people, bringing them to Christ, and making them disciples. Todd and Xio's four children are Trinity, Destiny, Malakai, and Matai, and such special gifts to us all. They are very talented musically, and we can't wait to see how God uses each of them as they grow and mature in Him.

Benjamin and Blanca are very busy with their careers. Blanca continues to spread the Gospel through song in conferences and churches across America, and she has recorded two albums filled with uplifting contemporary Christian music. Benjamin is a Real Estate agent, and is steadily busy flipping houses in Florida, and often accompanying Blanca at concerts as her drummer. Their little son, London, is a bundle of joy and quite musical, and he spends lots of time with his Papa and Gramma.

All five grandchildren are very active and are your typical, everyday kids. They love Jesus, music, dancing, singing, fashion, baking, art, sports (all kinds), and spending time with Grandpa and Gramma Callahan whenever they can. We love being together as the Lord and time allow.

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