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The Power of Setting Goals

Once you have heard God's Word and determined you will walk in obedience, nothing you can do will have more impact than setting goals. Goal setting is a common theme within the Bible, even though it is not widely mentioned. Moses set goals before the people of God as he led them through the wilderness. Joshua set goals for the conquest of Canaan. David set goals for the building of the temple, laid aside the materials, and established a plan. Soloman took the plan, enhanced it, and built the temple of the Lord. Nehemiah set goals for the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem, established a work schedule, and completed a monumental, near impossible task in just 52 days.

There are 5 reasons that are important for our future success of life and ministry. Each of them provides a greater understanding of why active engagement is better than passive acceptance of what you believe to be God's plan.

1. Goals Determine that the Invisible, Is Not the Impossible.

We must dream big dreams. In fact sometimes our dreams are so huge, they are for all intents and purposes, impossible. But, impossibility becomes possibility with wise planning and effective goal setting. Dreaming is simply seeing where there is no substance. Dreams happen between your ears, in your mind and heart, in your conscious and in your subconscious. Conscious dreams are the seeds of possibility which stimulate you to have attainable vision. Dream beyond the conscious level and often gain access to possibilities you otherwise would not consider. So you must dream beyond where you are. You set in motion a course that brings seeds of possibility toward fruition. Impossibility becomes possiblity, possibility becomes probability, and probability becomes reality, and reality is harvest.

2. Goals Nurture Your Conviction of Future Success.

3. Goals Allow For Change Without Derailing Vision.

4. Goals Establish A Framework to Manage Risk.

5. Goals Require Action In Order to be Effective.

Have Patience; Be Passionate; Be Focused; Seek Favor; Make Great Preparation; Qualify Your Relationships; Foster Beneficial Habits; Always Expect Miracles.  Hey let's Do Goals....!

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